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  1. The Old Way vs The New Ways

    Date: Sabbath 01/23/2021Pastor Ed LewinWatch on YouTube: ...


  2. Songs and Bible Verses

    Date: Sabbath 01/09/2021Pastor Ed Lewin   ...


  3. To Start the New Year

    Date: Sabbath 01/02/2021 Pastor Ed Lewin View on YouTube   ...


  4. We Need A Vision For Our Children - Nathan Lawson (1974)

    Closing sermon for the church of God camp meeting in Canada (1974).  Message given by Nathan Lawson from Napa, Idaho. The audio was restored from cassette tape and converted to MP3 format (audio fidelity varies). Enjoy and God Bless. Proverbs 29:18 - “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he ...


  5. How to Recognize Spirit-Filled Individuals - Pastor Ed Lewin

    Jesus saith, "ye shall know them by their fruits!"... so if we don't know or recognize the issues at hand, then something is definetly amiss. We would do well to take heed to whom we listen to. God Bless. Watch on YouTube:...PENDING ...